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100% Cash Match Bonus

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We're proud to present you with our new multi-player online Bingo!  As a special introductory offer, we're giving you a 100% Cash Match Bonus up to $100 on your very first transfer.  All you have to do is simply transfer funds from you Main Balance to your Bingo balance.  Don't wait, take full advantage of this 100% Cash Match offer now and join your roomies for your chance to win some exciting bingo prizes!

Bonuses do not have any wagering or rollover requirements.

A Player's total balance is comprised of Cash (from transfers and winnings) and any bonuses that may have been obtained by the player.

Cash is always used up (wagered) first, then bonus.

Bonuses can never be cashed but they can be used to purchase cards in Bingo Games and/or used to wager in our dedicated Bonus Only Mini Games.

Our Bonus Only Mini Games have a dedicated Bonus Only tab and can only be played with a bonus balance.  These prizes are paid out in bonus.

Our other regular mini games play in cash and pay prizes out in cash.

If a player makes a transfer from their Bingo Balance to their Main Balance, any remaining bonuses will be permanently removed.

5D Player decides to transfer $10 from their Main Balance to their Bingo Balance as their very first transfer.  The transfer is made and our system credits them with another 100% Match Bonus.  The player now has a balance of $20 ($10 Cash + $10 Bonus).

Let's say the player then purchases $5 worth of Bingo Cards.  The player's balance would now be $15.00 ($5 Cash + 10 Bonus). Let's now say that the player won $10.  Their balance would now be $25.00 ($15 Cash + $10 Bonus).

If the player wanted to transfer money out, they would only be able to transfer a total of $15.00 Cash to their Main Balance and the remaining $10 Bonus would be permanently removed.

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