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The Five Card Charlie Challenge!

Got a Five Card Charlie…MAKE IT A WINNER! Play Blackjack in the MatchPlay Casino at 5Dimes and we will reward you if your Five Card Charlie hand loses or pushes.

5Dimes will pay you for your FIRST Five Card Charlie hand that does not end up winning versus the dealer! If your Five Card Charlie hand is a push… the amount wagered on that hand will be credited as a win for you. If your Five Card Charlie hand is a loser, your losses and winnings will be credited back to your account.

Report your Five Card Charlie hand which pushes or loses immediately on the 5Dimes Live Help. If the Five Card Charlie did not occur on the last hand played, you must have the exact time it occurred, the amount wagered, and the five cards you were dealt.

What is a Five Card Charlie?
A Five Card Charlie simply means that you have been dealt five cards in your Blackjack hand without going over 21 in total.

A maximum of $50 will be credited for a Five Card Charlie push. A maximum of $100 will be credited for a Five Card Charlie loser.

This Five Card Charlie promotion does not apply if the dealer has a Blackjack. Split hands do not qualify for a Five Card Charlie payout.

Only one credit per account will be issued during the promotional period. Once you have been rewarded for your Five Card Charlie hand you are no longer eligible for this promotion. This also applies if you have been awarded for either a Six or Seven Card Charlie, you will no longer be eligible for this promotion. You can only be awarded once.

Take the Five Card Charlie Challenge today!

This promotional offer is available on internet wagers only. 5Dimes reserves the right to change or eliminate this offer at any time from any or all clients. Pending or closed tickets will not be affected by any change in this offer.

By accepting a Reward or Promotion from 5Dimes you are confirming that you acknowledge and agree to all rules, policies and restrictions.