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On the House Reward Program

**You must Contact Us to request a conversion of your account to a special On the House Rewards account. **

Just get to the moment of making your 8th deposit and we'll take care of that for you!  And if you get to the point where you need to make a 9th deposit, well… we will pick that one up too! Winnings can be redeemed IMMEDIATELY!

In order to be eligible for the On the House deposit rewards, your account must fulfill the following requirements: 

Must have made 7 consecutive deposits since registering to this reward program.  Incoming ATA (Account to Account transfers) are excluded from this promotion.

Must have lost the full amount of the prior 7 deposits in order to be credited with the 8th deposit On the House.  (No payouts can be processed between the 7 consecutive lost deposits.)

Must have lost the full amount of the 8th deposit On the House in order to be credited the 9th deposit On the House.

Net losses in poker, sports pools, live dealer tips and outgoing ATA count against the sum of the 7 qualifying deposits.

All payouts must be re-deposited in order to start the deposit count towards the 8th deposit On the House reward.

Deposits made prior registering to this reward program will NOT count towards the calculations of the 8th and 9th deposit "On the House" (no exceptions will be made). 

The formula applied to calculate your 8th On the House deposit will be: (Sum of all 7 eligible deposits - Net losses in poker - Net losses in sports pools - Live Dealer Tips - Outgoing ATA) divided by 7 = 8th deposit On the House.

$5000 is the maximum On the House deposit applied.  Without prior approval, clients outside of North America qualify for a maximum On the House deposit amount of $500.

Once the 8th On the House deposit has been applied, new poker losses, sports pools losses, live dealer tips and outgoing ATA made afterwards will count against the upcoming 9th On the House deposit calculations.  

The 9th deposit On the House will NOT be applied if a payout has been processed after the 8th On the House credit.  In this case, once the redeemed amount is re-deposited, the deposit count will start again towards another 8th deposit On the House and the previous 9th deposit On the House reward will be lost.

Redemptions must be covered or exceeded with deposits in order to qualify again for this promotion.  After the amount withdrawn is re-deposited, the following 7 deposits could qualify for the 8th deposit On the House reward.

Funds from two or more separate deposits may not be used to wager upon the same event.  Splitting a deposit into smaller ones is deemed "stacking".  Any "stacking" of deposits in order to increase your deposit count to take advantage of the 8th and 9th deposit On the House, will result in the account exclusion from this reward program and any current and future deposit promotions.  Rules for stacking do not apply for deposits that are being made to make up for redemption amounts.

The 8th and 9th On the House deposits are not eligible for any reload promotions.  You cannot receive any other bonuses (cash or free-play) while registered to this program.  If you choose to accept another bonus of any kind, you will be removed from the On the House reward program.

Reduced juice wagering options will be eliminated as a condition of the On the House Reward Program.

5Dimes reserves the right to change or eliminate this reward program at any time from any or all clients.  Pending or closed tickets will not be affected by any change in this offer.  This is an exclusive offer and cannot be combined with any other Reward.  If you choose this Reward Program, no other promotional offers are available or valid.

Learn more by reviewing the On the House FAQ.  Contact Customer Service via Live Help with any questions you may have on this promotion.

By accepting a Reward or Promotion from 5Dimes you are confirming that you acknowledge and agree to all rules, policies and restrictions.