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Bingo Room Points & Free Cash Draws

You can earn points on every single bingo card/ticket you purchase.  The cards are all assigned a different point value based on their initial cost.  Below you will find a chart explaining the different card costs and the respective redeemable point, the more you spend the more points you will collect.  For every point you accrue you can earn big cash rewards, with a possible $1,000 cash withdrawal every month!

Card Cost
Bingo Points
1 point
3 points
10 points
15 points
25 points
50 points
60 points
75 points
100 points
15o points
200 points
250 points
350 points
500 points


We have three different Free Cash Draws and these are:

• Daily Draw - $50 cash.  When: Every night at 11:59PM ET

• Weekly Draw - $250 cash.  When: Every Saturday at 11:59PM ET

• Monthly Draw - $1,000 cash!  When: 28th of every month at 11:59PM ET


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