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Pirates Bingo Tourney
Batten down the hatches!!! Brace yourself for a storm of pirate bingo fun and excitement in September and you can lay claim to your share of $3,000 of fantastic Pirate riches to be won in our Pirates Bingo Tourney.

Talk like a pirate and join in the Pirate Bingo fun in the Summer Bingo room every day in September as we play our special Pirate Bingo Tourney games. These fun filled games play once an hour, every hour and have a card cost of only $0.50 a card and a special free card offer of Buy 6 Get 3 Free. Each time that you win one of our Pirates Bingo Tourney games, you will receive a Tourney point that will be added to our tourney leaderboard. The more points that you collect, the bigger the prize with Pirate riches for the top 20 players.

Take to the seas with Pirate bingo fun guaranteed every day between September 1st and September 30th in the Summer Bingo room and climb the rigging to top the tourney leader board and win $1,000 cash as our Pirates Bingo Tourney winner.

Labor Day Bingo - Two Day Special
Labor Day is a day of celebration, a day to honor all hard-working Americans no matter what their profession. It's their contribution that ensures the strength, prosperity, and well-being of the country. Join in the Labor Day Bingo celebrations in the USA Bingo room between 8pm EDT and 10pm EDT on Sunday, September 2nd and Monday September 3rd and play to win fabulous cash prizes in our exciting Labor Day Bingo games.

  • $10,000 Coverall minimum $100 games at $1.00 per card
  • $15,000 Coverall minimum $150 games at $1.50 per card
  • $100 Starting games at $1.00 per card
  • $150 Reverse Coverall $500 games at $1.00 per card

Our incredible Labor Day Bingo games will play in rotation with all your favorite USA Bingo games!

Lucky Bingo
Feeling Lucky? Our action-packed Lucky Bingo games will reveal your lucky winning streak as we guarantee a charming $1,000 of prizes to be won.

What is Lucky bingo?
Easy, it's one single game that will play in 3 exciting parts:

  • Pattern 1 with a prize of $100
  • Pattern 2 with a prize of $150
  • Full House with a prize of $250

Our Lucky Bingo games will play as top of the hour games at 8pm EDT and 9pm EDT in the summer Bingo room on Saturday, September 8th with each game guaranteeing $500 of prizes to be shared between the lucky winners.

Cards cost just $1.00 each and with a special Buy 3 get 2 Free offer on all our Lucky Bingo games, you'll boost your luck with more chances to win!

Teddy Bear Tourney
Look out your favorite Teddy Bear and let it bring you luck as we play for fantastic prizes in our Teddy Bear Tourney. Our favorite Teddy Bears are filled with sentimental meaning and what better way to celebrate National Teddy Bear Day than with a fabulous two-day Teddy Bear Tourney.

Join in the Teddy Bear Bingo fun in the USA Bingo room from 6pm EDT on Sunday, September 9th and again from 6pm EDT on Monday, September 10th and play to win one our fantastic prizes of up to $100 plus a fabulous Teddy Bear. Twice an hour we will play one of our special Teddy Bear Tourney games and each time that you win, you'll receive one teddy bear point on our Teddy Bear Tourney leaderboard. The more Teddies that you collect, the bigger the prize!

Cards for our fun filled Teddy Bear Tourney games are only $1.00 a card and have an unmissable Teddy Bear free card promotion of Buy 8 Get 4 Free.

Early Bird special
They say that Early Birds catch the worm, our early birds catch themselves fabulous cash prizes of up to $2,500 for only $0.25 a card!

Let us brighten up your day in the Summer Bingo room on Friday September 14th with low-cost bingo cards and fabulous cash prizes to be won as we bring you two hours filled with our player favorite, Early Bird Special games!

  • $150 Guaranteed pots
  • $25 starting games
  • $2,500 Coverall Min $25 games

Join in the exciting low-cost bingo fun between 3pm EDT and 5pm EDT in the Summer Bingo room and play to win fantastic prizes of up to $2,500 with every Early Bird Special game playing for only $0.25 a card. Early Birds get more chances to win with a Buy 3 Get 2 Free offer!

Super Wife Bingo
It takes a super wife to spend her time at home doing the magic that makes a home a home. So much is taken for granted but this must be the most challenging job of any, especially with kids, it takes a real Super Wife!

Wife Appreciation Day on Sunday, September 16th is a special day where partners can demonstrate just how much they love their wife and appreciate all the special things that she does for them throughout the year. Join in the Super Wife Bingo fun and show your appreciation for super wives everywhere with $1,600 of guaranteed cash prizes to be won.

These fun filled Super Wife Bingo games will play as top of the hour games at 7pm EDT, 8pm EDT, 9pm EDT and 10pm EDT in the Summer Bingo room on Sunday, September 16th, and each game has a guaranteed cash pot of $400 with a card cost of only $1.00 a card. With a special Super Wife Bingo offer of Buy 3 Get 2 Free on all cards, that's more chances for you to be a winner.

Treasure Chest Bingo
Shiver me timbers! It's Talk Like A Pirate Day on Wednesday, September 19th and we've got Pirate's Booty to be won in our exclusive Treasure Chest Bingo games!

Now walk the plank! All the way to the Summer Bingo room at 8pm EDT on Wednesday, September 19th for an hour filled with nonstop pirate misadventure and fantastic cash prizes to be won. Our special Treasure Chest Bingo games will play as small patterned pirate themed games, bringing you more chance to win your share of the Pirate's Booty.

Each Treasure Chest Bingo game plays for a starting pot of $15.00 for only $0.25 a card and the more pirates that join in the pirate bingo fun, the bigger the prize. All wins on our Treasure Chest Bingo games will also count towards the ultimate pirate Treasure of $1,000 cash in our Pirate Bingo Tourney. Well Sink me… You'll also receive an unmissable Buy 8 get 4 FREE on all Treasure Chest Bingo games!

September Big Bingo Event
It's Big Bingo time on Saturday September 29th as we play for the biggest cash prizes anywhere online in our exclusive $13,000 Guaranteed Big Bingo Event!

It's time for you to become our next big winner with guaranteed cash prizes totaling an incredible $13,000 to be won from 7pm EDT in the Tourney Bingo room on Saturday, September 29th. The Big Bingo fun starts with three unmissable $1,000 guaranteed games. With cards costing just $2.00 a card, that's a fabulous $3,000 in guaranteed cash prizes to be won as we warm up the bingo fun ahead of the biggest bingo game of the month at 10pm EDT.

Are you ready to win big? At 10pm EDT in the Tourney Bingo room on Saturday September 29th it's time for the biggest bingo game of the month where we guarantee a cash prize of $10,000 that must be won. With cards costing just $5.00 each, make sure to pre order your cards to become our next Big Winner in our $13,000 Guaranteed Big Bingo Event



100% Cash Match Bonus
We're proud to present you with our new multi-player online Bingo!  As a special introductory offer, we're giving you a 100% Cash Match Bonus up to $100 on your very first transfer.  All you have to do is simply transfer funds from you Main Balance to your Bingo balance.  Don't wait, take full advantage of this 100% Cash Match offer now and join your roomies for your chance to win some exciting bingo prizes!  Click here for details.

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