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Nature Lovers Bingo Tourney

This September, nature is everywhere!

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Join us for an exciting nature-themed bingo tourney to celebrate the end of summer and start of the fall. From 7th to 24th September, we're giving away $3,000 in prizes every week. Make sure you head to the Summer Bingo Room though, between Monday and Thursday every week.

TThe tourney starts at 5pm EDT and plays for 6 hours, until 11pm EDT every Monday to Thursday. There'll be 4 tourney games played every hour, and each week the top 20 players will share a $3,000 prize pot. In each weekly Tourney, the more games you win, the higher up the leaderboard you'll climb.

The overall winner scoops $1,500 in cash! The remaining prizes are awarded as free play bonuses. Cards for this tourney cost just $0.50, and we've also got a special Buy 6 Get 3 Free promo, so what are you waiting for? Order yours today! Make sure you play the right cards though.

September $13,000 Big Bingo Event

This September, we will be hosting our BIG BINGO EVENT.

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Where you can stand a chance to win big with $13,000 of guaranteed cash prizes that must be won. To participate, join us in the Tourney Bingo Room on Saturday, September 26th from 7pm EDT for this great event.

It's going to be incredibly exciting. Don't miss it! We will be kicking-off with 3 exciting $1,000 guaranteed top of the hour warm-up bingo games at 7pm,8pm, and 9pm EDT, respectively. Each game playing for a $1,000 cash prize for only $2.00 a card.

At 10pm, EDT it's time for the BIGGEST BINGO GAME of the month where we guarantee to create our next big winner with a $10,000 guaranteed cash prize. Will it be you? Grab your cards for this incredible bingo game for only $5.00 each.

Labor Day Weekend

Labor Day is a federal holiday that is held on the first Monday in September in the USA.

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To celebrate this special day with you, we will be hosting an amazing 3-day special game cycle over the Labor Day Weekend from Saturday, September 5th till Monday, September 7th. On each of the days, we will have special bingo games you can play and enjoy.

The games will be played in the Summer Bingo Room and It all kicks-off on Saturday, September 5th with the first of our special Labor Day Weekend games. The games will start at 8pm EDT on each of the three days and will last for two hours until 10pm EDT.

There is a special card promo attached to this event that gives you an additional 3 free cards when you get 6 cards. With this, players should expect thrilling and exciting game sessions. The event will feature a series of work-related patterns such as Chef, Labor Day Coverall, Carpenter, Nurse Hat, and Dentist.

Teddy Bear BINGO Picnic

Wednesday, September 9th is a special day here.

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It's Teddy Bear Day! We want to thank all of you teddy bears who come out and play with us, and so we are going to be holding a tournament on that day in the Nickel Bingo Room. The 20 players who bingo most will receive fantastic prizes and the top 5 will also receive an exclusive Teddy Bear.

This one-day Teddy Bear "BINGO" Picnic tournament will start at 1pm EDT, and go for the next 8 hours until 9pm EDT in the Nickel Bingo room with every game playing for only $0.05 a card.

The winner will receive $150 cash plus an exclusive teddy bear. For your chance to climb the tourney leaderboard, simply join in the Teddy Bear BINGO fun. The more games that you win, the higher you will rank!

Super Wife Bingo

On the third Sunday of September, we will be having a "Super Wife" wife appreciation day Bingo special.

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We want everybody to be appreciative of their wives, especially since so many of our best players are women! Really, we would love to know, what would the great game of bingo be without our super wives?

In honor of the super wives, we will be hosting four special Top of the Hour games, which will all take place in the Summer Bingo room each with a guaranteed pot of $500 per game, for a grand total of$2,000 in guaranteed winnings in the space of four short hours.

These special games will be starting at 7pm EDT. Each card will have a price of just $1.00, and besides this low price, there is a great promotion on the cards for this day. If you buy 5 cards at the regular price of $1.00 each, you will get 2 more cards absolutely free!

Walk the Plank Bingo!

September 19th is Talk like a Pirate Day and we're very happy to use that as another excuse to celebrate.

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We're gonna do that by lowering the plank, meaning the cost of cards! Also, there will of course be lots of treasures available - and lots of crazy games to get those treasures!

To take advantage of Walk the Plank bingo, we're going to be offering special games in the Summer Bingo room from 8pm until 9pm EDT. These games can be considered to be like a kind of bingo treasure hunt. Will you get the treasure, or will you walk the plank?

Games will start with a pot of $190 and will gradually drop down unless it's won, down to a minimum of$19. You can pick up cards for these games for a mere pittance of $0.50 each. On top of this, if you buy6, you get 3 more cards free.

Savvy bingo players (probably you if you are smart enough to read about the promotions on here) will take as much advantage as they can of this offer, using the cheap price to get multiple cards and try to get a bingo as soon as humanly possible to keep those winnings high!

Remember to set your calendar, your watch, your phone, or your spouse for 8pm EDT on Saturday, September 19th. Get your pirate hats, your peg legs, and your grog out. We're going to have a super-duper nautical time looking for treasure. Yar be dar be dar!

Autumn Bingo Special

Start this fall season with our amazing Autumn Bingo Special promotional.

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This fall special offer will reward you with cool cash prizes, so you shouldn't miss it! The promotion offer will start at 7pm EDT on Tuesday, September 22nd, and will run for 5 hours until midnight in the Autumn Bingo room.

The games that will be played on this day will consist of High and Low games, as well as top of the hour special coverall games. In the High and Low games, you can win a $240 top prize and $120 minimum prizes. These games will be played back to back at a cost of $1.00 per card.

For the Top of the Hour Special games, we will be having a $2,020 coverall with a minimum of $22. The card for this special hour is sold for $0.25 each. There is also a special card promotion offer that gives you 3 cards for free when you get 6 bingo cards.

On this day, there will be lots of incredible games that you can enjoy. Besides that, there are amazing fall-themed patterns that you can celebrate the season with. These patterns include Autumn Moon, Falling Rain, Storage Shed, Long Jeans, Hot Chocolate, Autumn Leaf, Fall Coverall, and many others. Grab your bingo cards today!



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