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April Fools' Special

Contrary to what you might believe, this is not a trick! This April Fools' we're offering up an exciting bingo cycle. The special will take place in the Nickel Bingo Room and will offer you two whole hours of non-stop bingo playing running from 7pm through to 9pm EDT.

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What's really great about this special is that all the cards are going for really low prices, and yes, that's real! All the bingo cards in our April Fools' Special will cost only $0.05 per card.

There's a great mix of fun games to play including $25 Guaranteed games, Starting $5 games and our crazy April Fools' games which will have a starting pot of $100. This pot will slowly start to drop as the numbers are called until someone has won it or it finally reaches the minimum prize of $10, so go get playing!

Unlike some of our other bingo specials, we won't be offering any promos on buying the bingo cards. This is because the cost of these cards is already very low. We think it's a fair trade though, don't you? So why not get a stash of cards and see how you go.

Easter Bingo Tourney

This April our Easter Bingo Tourney is in full swing. Throughout the month the Tourney will be operating from April 3rd through to April 26th with play taking place between Fridays and Sundays. If you want to join, head on over to the Spring Bingo Room for four weekends of bingo fun.

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It's an impressive deal we've got going for you as there's a prize pool of $2,500 up for grabs each weekend. That's right, there's a total of $10,000 up for grabs this April. The top 20 players each week will get their hands on these prizes, with the winner walking away with $1250.00 cash!

Cards for the event will cost $0.50 per card but we are offering a promo of Buy 6 get 3 Free to help you along your way to success. The tourney will play once an hour using our popular starting games with no limit on the in-game prizes that can be won.

In order to win, you must have won the most bingo games on our Easter Bingo Tourney patterns during that weekend. The prizes won by each of the players each week won't be credited until that entire tourney is over. So, you'll see your prizes added to your account on the Monday after the specific Easter Bingo Tourney ends for that week.

$2,000 Easter Egg Hunt

For one day only on Sunday, April 12th, we're giving you the chance to join our very special bingo Easter Egg Hunt. So, what does it involve? Well, this is one of our bingo events so if you want to join you will need to head on over to our Spring Bingo Room.

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Once at the room you will find that there are going to be eight guaranteed games, each offering up $250 in cash to be won. The first game will start at 7pm EDT as the top of the hour game. This game will then be repeated as a mid-hour special, continuing on until approximately 10:30pm EDT.

Cards for this event will all cost $1.00 no matter which of the games you are choosing to join. We will also be offering an exciting card promotion in the form of Buy 6 Get 3 Free, which makes it even more exciting for you if you want to win.

If you want to play in this $2,000 Easter Egg Hunt event, there's no need to meet any qualifying criteria. All you need is to have an account with us so that you can deposit money, buy some cards and get playing bingo. There's also no minimum play value when joining the bingo games. You can buy as many or as few cards as you like, though buying additional cards will always give you a fighting chance to get ahead of the other players to try and score that exciting top prize.

Love Mondays!

As the cold days of winter melt away and the spring flowers start to bloom again, join us for some fun bingo in the Spring Bingo Room. Ready to make those Monday blues blow away? Look no further than our one off Monday bingo event taking place at 4pm EDT on Monday, April 20th.

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We're here to help you get rid of those horrible Monday feelings. And we're doing that by offering you the chance to join in on our $1,000 Coverall Min $100 bingo games. The event is starting on the hour and continues on until 11pm EDT.

All cards are priced at just $1.00 each, and especially with that massive prize up for grabs, it's a clear bargain. To make it even more worth your while, we're also offering you the chance to get your hands on even more cards with our Buy 6 Get 3 Free promotion.

Everything you need to know: This one-off event is ready and waiting for you to join up. There are no eligibility requirements to join, all you need is to have an account with us. Deposit some cash into it and you're ready to buy those bingo cards and get ready to match up those numbers. You must make sure you are playing in the right room during the right times though. Games outside of these times, the specified date, or the Spring Bingo Room, will not be eligible for the top prizes so you will miss out. Make sure you don't get lost and miss out.

Earth Day Mini Bingo

On Wednesday 22nd April it's time to get yourself in the Green spirit as it is Earth Day. We're celebrating this event by offering up an exciting Earth Day Mini Bingo event. All you need to do is head on over to the Spring Bingo Room to join in.

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The event will begin at 7pm EDT and continue for a whole hour of non-stop bingo fun. Most of the games available are just little mini games that will consist of $75 starting games and there are also $100 guaranteed games on offer as well.

If you want to join in, you'll need to purchase your bingo cards. All of the games are priced the same at $1.00 per card. But to help you along, we're offering you a very generous promotion in the form of a Buy 6 Get 3 Free promo, so what are you waiting for?

Earth Day Mini Bingo Event - additional info: So, what does it take for you to actually win? Well, each of our mini games are based on short patterns, with fewer calls required for a win, so you won't need to play very long to see success. However, you do have to match your numbers on our special Earth Day bingo patterns.

These patterns all revolve around the eco-friendly nature of this day and include patterns such as a recycle bin, plant a tree, Earth Day logo and water drop. If you want to join in this Earth Day fun, there are no specific requirements in place other than you will need an account with us.

All you need to do is join us in the Spring Bingo Room during the specified hours - joining outside of those hours will mean you miss the event. There's no need to have made a deposit before joining either, you just need to purchase the Earth Day bingo cards and you're in!

April $13,000 Big Bingo Event

Our $13,000 Big Bingo Event is, as the name suggests, the biggest bingo event we're going to hold this April. The tourney will be played on Saturday, April 25th and you'll need to head over to the Tourney Bingo Room if you want to join in this exciting event.

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This spectacular event will begin at 7pm EDT continuing on throughout the night. The event will commence with three warm up games at 7pm, 8pm and 9pm EDT. These games will all feature as $1,000 Guaranteed games at the top of the hour with cards sold at $2.00 for each one.

However, it's our big game that will be held at 10pm EDT. This game is our $10,000 Guaranteed game and a chance for you to get some seriously epic prizes into your account. Cards for this game will be a little higher in price, still sitting at a reasonable $5.00 per card.

If you wish to join in you need to make sure you're in the right room on the right day. Playing any of the other bingo games, other than those specified above, will mean that you are not entered into the Big Bingo Event and will not be able to claim the prizes.

You are able to buy your bingo cards prior to the games commencing so remember to keep an eye out for them and pre order in advance. Winnings from the event will be paid directly into your account so that you can get playing with them right away too!

April Showers Bingo Tourney

During April we're going to be offering you the chance to join in one, or all, of our four April Showers Bingo Tourneys. For a chance to win a share of the weekly $1,000 prize pool, head over to the Nickel Bingo room. Each tourney will start on Thursdays and end on Saturday and every game plays for only $0.05 a card!

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Each day of the tourney, the event will run from 1pm to 9pm EDT, so make sure you join at the correct time otherwise any games you play will not be counted towards the April Showers tourney. We're being generous this month and the top 10 players will actually get a share of those weekly prize pools. To win you simply need to bingo the most times playing in the Nickel Bingo room during our tourney periods. So beat those rainy day blues, get your cards now and be ready to join in!

The lucky player who tops the leader board in each weekly tourney will score the top prize of $500 in cash. But the runners up will also get a piece of the winning action. The runner up prizes are paid out as Free Play bonuses.

When it comes to getting paid out, all your winnings will pop up automatically into your account the Sunday after that weekly April Showers Bingo



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