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Lotto - How To Play


1. Select the type of drawing

Select the Pick you want to play Pick 3 or Pick 4.

Lotto - Step 1

2. Type of ticket & numbers

Select the type of ticket, either Straight of Boxed.

Lotto - Step 2

Choose the way you want to submit your numbers. To select your numbers you can either:

• Punch them on the Numbers tab.

• Type your group of numbers on the Input tab.

• Copy and paste them from a document.

• Use the quick pick option.

• Pull an existing list from your favorites.

After that, swipe to the next step, you can also tap on the step number to continue.

Lotto - Step 2

3. Select the bet amount

Choose the bet amount from the predefined options or type in any other amount in the field.
You can play any amount from $.25 to $100 on pick3 and from $0.25 to $25 on pick4.

Lotto - Step 3

4. Days

Select the date(s) and number of days to run you want to purchase.

Lotto - Step 4

5. Drawings

Mark the boxes of the drawing(s) you want to play. A blue check mark will appear on the selected drawing(s).

Lotto - Step 5

6. Purchase

If you are ready with your selections, press the Purchase button.
Notice that a green check will be displayed in each step, ensuring that every step was filled out correctly.
Make sure to double check your tickets before you click on "PURCHASE"

Lotto - Step 6

My Tickets
7. My Tickets

You can always check your tickets on "My tickets" section.
And sort them by its status (won, lost, pending, no action), date, alphabetical order or hour.

Lotto - Step 7

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