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How to Play 5Dimes Mini Games

With our 5Dimes Mini Games you can play Vegas-Style Casino Games on your computer or mobile device.  Mini Games are simply miniature versions of standard casino games that are played in a smaller window.  The Mini Games applications can be conveniently moved anywhere on your desktop and played while other windows are opened.


Mini Casino Games


On Your Desktop

Play any of the 5Dimes Mini Games on your computer now.  There is nothing to download and install – getting started with 5Dimes Mini Games couldn't be easier. 

To start playing, simply log into your 5Dimes account and click on the Mini Game you are interested in from the top menu.  This will automatically launch the Mini Game application you want to play.  It is important to turn off your popup blocker in order to properly launch the application.

Once the application has been launched, you can drag the window anywhere on your desktop.


Mobile Mini Casino Games


On Your Mobile Device

Play the 5Dimes Mini Games on your Android or Apple mobile device now.  Simply visit 5Dimes.mobi on your mobile device, log in and click on the Mini Game of your choice to launch the application and play your favorite casino game while on the go.

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